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Workbookers puts you on the map. Stop applying and searching endlessly for jobs and instead be found and be approached! Select your profession and present yourself convincingly with your professional workbook.

Companies, cities and organisations.

Find and compare the professionals you need. Filter and swipe through the Workbooks of candidates. Is there a match? Contact directly. No unnecessary intermediary, commission, success-fee or other threshold: just one-on-one.

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Volunteers, students, craftsmen, professionals, scientists and employers come together on Workbookers. Whoever you are or whatever you are looking for: filter by +10.000 professions and find each other.
All with the same type of account but your own Workbook and user-role. This means that hiring employers also show who they are (Director, HR-Manager etc.).


For outplacement and career guiding organisations we offer ‘Workbooster’. An extra feature with which work seeking employees receive job-alerts automatically.
These alerts precisely match profiled professions, specialisms and skills with all actual job postings in The Netherlands. Workbooster is exclusively available for mobility centers, cities (Werk en Inkomen), education institutes and UWV.


Optimise professional mobility for your organisation.
With Whitelabel you can use the app in your own look and feel. For project cooperation, recruitment, internal mobility and outplacement of employees.

Organisations can precisely  manage the visibility settings of employees and make them findable for specific partner organisations. In this way, organisations can exploit the maximum potential of all available internal and external craftsmen and professionals. Perfect for regional advantage and cooperation.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about implementation and guidance.





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Accelerate outplacement

For overcomplete companies

Self searching Workbook

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